More Old Stuff

So, today I went and picked up my photos from the fair. I took my camera to help me in feeling better about my “losers”.

On the way home, I took some shots I’ve been meaning to take for some time. We have a few old buildings on one of our “regular” paths into town.

This shot is of an old farm place. How old, I don’t know, but I suspect it is quite old. One of the buildings sits right along the edge of the ditch, which makes me consider that it was there before the modern, paved road. But, this old stone house! I’ve admired it for some time, and today was the day to commit it to my “memory banks”. Such character!


The other (south) side has really deteriorated in the past few years, and I suspect it may not be for this world much longer.  Imagine, though, what it has seen in its days!

And, this place holds much charm for me, and I hope to shoot it in other seasons. When the crops are out, I would like to ask permission to shoot it from the northeast side, in order to capture an old wagon that is currently almost hidden by the grass.


This is the old brick barn, with its two brick silos, and a corn crib behind. In the winter, the sun sometimes shines through those windows, and makes a very interesting picture.

Below is the whole farm, minus the distracting white LP tank. Sorry, but I just had to ‘Shop that outta there.


I think it’s quite picturesque, and I admire it every time I pass it. Can’t see that old wagon, though. It is just to the bottom right of the silo. If you look very closely at the first picture, you can see just the very top of it. In the fall, it is more visible, and makes an ever more interesting picture.

Old stuff! I so like it! LOL

And, here is my final picture, if you can stand just one more.

My grandfather used to work at the sugar beet plant in Mason City. While I don’t remember much about him, I do remember him coming home and sitting in “his” chair, rolling his cigarettes. I inherited his roller, but have since lost it. 😦 However, I took this picture to help me remember him.


I had to capture this, too, before it is gone. As it is, the sugar fairy is almost faded into history. I wish I could have gotten a picture before the plant added that loading dock. But, that’s the way it is.

I’ll keep shooting, and practicing, and getting to know my new “baby”. This camera is really amazing to me! I know there are better out there, but after shooting with what I’ve had, WOW!

Go! Shoot!