Greeting Cards

Another new endeavor. Last year, I tried some creative “for sale” items at market. Um, I think I sold a total of four items, two of which were not really a “creative” endeavor (Christmas cactus starts that I had planted a couple years ago from a mother plant that was at least 90 years old!), and one that I traded for, what turned out to be OLD, eggs. Any way, I thought I’d try greeting cards this year.

So, here is how this works. You will email me, or comment here, which card(s) you would like to order. The cards will come in protective sleeves (Bonus! Those sleeves can be used again!), in manila envelopes, postage paid. Cards are marked with their costs. Payment will be made, at this time, by PayPal. However, if I know, and trust you, you may send a check. I will do my best to give clear photos of the cards, but please note that what my camera sees, what my monitor sees, and what your monitor sees, may have some affect on the colors.