A Little About Me

This is the creative side of me. I still find it challenging to actually be creative, but, I’m loosening up, and giving it my best! LOL

Trust me, it isn’t always easy. And, even though I took art classes all through grade school, then in college, that doesn’t mean that I am an artist. But, I enjoy the process. And, along the way, I’ve tried to forget the negatives that happened a long, long time ago. The main two being…

LOL, so, I’m in something like fourth grade. Our art assignment was to do a still life. If memory serves, I actually did a pretty decent job, and I was quite proud of my work. It came time to “frame” my piece, and I got the “bright” idea of using three (GASP!) different colors of construction paper to frame my artwork. I chose colors that complimented the piece, took my time to arrange them “just so”, taped them down, then took them to the teacher for approval. Which, she immediately did NOT. “You can’t frame it like that” were her first words.

CRUSHED. I thought I was being unique, creative, and artsy. She thought I was being foolish and wasteful. So, off came two of the colors, and I framed my piece as she wanted it – plain old boring frame, the same as everybody else’s. *sigh*

So, on to the next project, which was to draw a full person. As luck would have it, she chose my “boyfriend” (HA! At that age! LMBO) as the model. Well, of COURSE I was going to do my best! *grin*

I was careful to get all the details “just so”, and tried my hardest to make certain the proportions were correct (after all, we had learned about Vitruvius’ and Da Vinci’s methods of drawing the human figure).

Almost finished, I was down to doing the details of said “boyfriend’s” pants. He was wearing new-looking jeans that day, so they actually had few wrinkles, but (and here it comes), I HAD to make sure that the details were right, and so…

I drew his fly! (GASP, GASP, GASP!) I was just finishing up adding the stitching to the pockets, and was planning on doing the stitching to the fly next, when teacher stopped to peer over my shoulder. “YOU CAN’T DO THAT!” She whispered loudly. “WHAT is THAT?”, as she pointed to the fly.

Uh, ummm. Before I could answer, she grabbed my drawing, and started erasing the fly. (Well, HELLO! HOW on Earth is the poor boy supposed to get his pants down so he can get them off???) “Young lady, what were you thinking?”, she said, and huffed off to her desk, my drawing in hand. “You will stay after class so you can explain this.”

And that, dear readers, was my downfall. I seriously thought I was doing a good job, but, being the self-conscious, low self-esteemed person I was, I let her dash my pride. I also let her dash any thoughts of my being any kind of creative, or good, at art.

While I did continue to take art classes (they were a relief and a kind of “rest” from those long, drawn out, BORING mandatory classes we were all forced to take in school) I never really tried very hard because I was certain the outcome would be some kind of horror. But, I have, since my fairly recent college degree, decided that I can be creative, and there are people out there who DO like my creations! I create for ME, first, then, if somebody should happen to like what I create, I sell my work. I tell people that I scrapbook for myself, and to heck with what is trending, what others like, and how others create. I use the same mantra for my photography. I shoot what I like (which, as you will see, is mostly landscapes and old barns). So, check out my gallery, and IF you should happen to like something, let me know! (Don’t we all like praise and positive comments?!?!)