Fair Disappointment

Well, I took the chance. I entered seven pictures in the fair. And, in my mind, I failed miserably. I really wish the judge would have taken time to give critiques. As it was, the judging was scheduled for 1:15 p.m. I got there at 1:16, and the judge was just finishing up. Hello???

Any way, out of the seven pictures I entered, I got one red (second) and two yellows (third). Devastation! Seriously??? I’d really like to know why. So, for your entertainment, and critiques (Please feel free to voice your opinion on what I could/should have done better/differently! That’s how I learn! And, keep in mind that they were mounted for fair, and the mats cover some, so the judge would not have seen the whole images.), I present my seven failures.

dignity_fairhead_bump_fairleft peak_fairright_peak_fairpeak_fairstone_fairtree_roots_fair

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4 Responses to Fair Disappointment

  1. Kathy says:

    I like them all. I’m not a photograph critic, but here are my ideas on three of them. My favorites are the statue, the buffalo, and the landscape with the tree. I’m wondering if the subjects in each of them are not featured enough. The buffalo are closest to what I am trying to express. The hair of the coat and the stuff stuck in the hair should be more detailed. I would say the other way to capture interest is a unique angle or perspective. IF this is the first time you have had your photography judged, receiving anything should be considered a giant win not a loss. If you won all blue ribbons you would have nothing more to strive to achieve. See if you can find a professional or skilled amateur to offer the critique you want.


    • TanBrae says:

      Thank you, Kathy! Any feedback, aside from liking them, is helpful.
      I know what you mean about unique angle or perspective. LOL, for the bison, that would have been practically impossible. They were only about 10 feet from the truck, and I wasn’t about to get out of the truck to shoot them while they were sparring! As it was, DH moved the truck so it would not be in their way.
      Shooting in the Hills isn’t always easy. If I could figure out my telephoto lens, I may have been better able to get those different perspectives.
      It’s all a learning experience! I’m frustrated, but having fun at the same time!
      Thanks for your kind response!


  2. Val says:

    Don’t give up. I love your photos, and for just starting out I think getting ribbons of any kind is great. Just keep working up different views and perspectives. Experiment and keep shooting!


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