Gotta get my butt in GEAR! I’m thinking of entering a mini craft “show” Saturday. I need to get more cards done, but, I’m stuck. Mr. Mojo has temporarily left the building.

So, because I needed to update the church’s website, I wanted to add a picture to it to have some “zing”.

I found a picture that I took while in South Dakota (see previous post for more!) that seemed to need a Bible verse, and, voila!


I think the verse is quite fitting, don’t you? I adore this picture! When I saw those roots, I just had to capture that image.

And, back to creating…

I can look online and find many clever and wonderful things that I can copy. But, when Mr. Mojo is missing in action, even copying doesn’t work for me. Why is that?

So far, I’ve averaged about seven card sales per market day attended this year. Not too bad, but I’d really like to sell a lot more. I mean, if they don’t sell, what the heck am I going to do with all those cards? I seldom need many during a year, other than the birthday cards. Yet, I want to make more. My scrapbooking creating has moved to card making. I really need to get back to getting pictures scrapped and into albums, though, so…

And, to whine a bit (when don’t I do that?), I’d like to go out and shoot, but the weather hasn’t been too cooperative, or we have been too busy. I should just take time and read my manual. Really read it, and have my camera out when I’m doing so. Thinking I should just go back to Alexander’s Photo and take that lesson that we “bought”. Been too busy for that, even.

Any way, off for today.

Go! Shoot!

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