Life – Sometimes it gets in the way

I’ve been busy, but not. Make sense? Not to me. However, it seems like when I want to do something, Life happens. For instance…

Spring is here. Lloyd is getting itchy – itchy to get out in the field. I, on the other hand, am not. I don’t enjoy being out in the heat and sun, doing dirty, sweaty, back-breaking work. I don’t mind gardening, but not on that scale. By that scale, I mean HUNDREDS of plants. Probably even THOUSANDS! Yeah, it’s got to be in the thousands. Endless rows of, well, dirt and sweat and seeds and plants…

I digress. And, really, it isn’t all that bad. I got to take a couple photography classes the last two Saturdays. The instructor is a professional portrait photographer who did a wonderful job! She made it fun, and interesting.

I’ve also been busy making cards. Still no sales from here, but I do have hopes for the farmers market. And, after the first photography class, I went out and did a shoot of a barn I’ve been meaning for some time to capture. So, that was “interesting”. Funny how the camera sees things I don’t, and I see things the camera doesn’t. I wasn’t happy with any of the barn shots, shot with the whole barn in the view. However, I did get some that I liked that were not of the whole barn.


All have had affects of some kind applied to them, but the shot of the door has the least amount. Gosh, I adore old barns!

So, that’s all I have for today. Go! Shoot!

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