Another long stretch…

Let’s just say I’ve been busy.

So, one of the “busies” was to take a road trip to Wisconsin. Weyauwega, to be exact. Dad has fond memories of his grandparents’ home there. He has been wanting to get back there for some time, and, I figured, “why not?”.

I had the trip planned via Google Maps, and because it’s Autumn, and I am tired of taking the same ol’, same ol’ route (when we make our apple trips, we usually travel Hwy. 9 to Lansing), I decided to try the Scenic Highway 60 route. Google Maps said it should have taken five hours and 15 minutes. Riiiiight! Not with ME navigating! LMBO! Let’s just say that between the Garmin, and Google Maps, I was soooo “lost”.

I won’t bore you with the whole trip, but somehow, it ended up taking us about 11 hours, according to Lloyd. Yep, you read that right! Eleven hours!

Let’s just say that we had a “plot twist!”, and instead of driving directly to Weyauwega, we went to Neenah, where I had booked rooms for us. We did, however, drive a scenic route! 😉 I couldn’t tell you where we had driven, for certain. But, along the way, we got to see this very cool barn.


I don’t know if the name of the people who lived in the house nearby was Miller, but, this looks like the Miller beer font, and since Miller was my favorite beer for a long, long time…

So, a while back, I believe I may have posted about Serif’s Affinity Photo software. (If not, I apologize. But, I’m too much in a hurry at this time to go back and check.) I have been using Adobe Photoshop for years. But, with their release of the CC version, I no longer really want to use it. I refuse to pay a subscription! I also do not care for their practice of not supporting your .psd images should you choose to no longer subscribe. And, they will no longer support the older versions (of which I have PS5), so…

Any way, I digress (I’ll get off my rant, now), and will continue onward!

I was signed up for a challenge on my Scrappin’ Peeps message board, and decided that I would do the challenge using Affinity Photo. I must admit that I was a bit frustrated. However, I think once I get used to where things are, and how things work (don’t you like those technical terms?), I will enjoy using AP.

So, here is my first scrapbook creation:


And, here is one I created to post on Facebook (because of all the Christmas ads I’m seeing there, and on television.):


I’m thinking I need to do some touching up with that one. I would like to put it on our church’s website, and want it to be “perfect” before I do so. But, I think it isn’t too bad for my first creation in AP!

And, another opportunity missed – the Autumn season is about closed. Most of the leaves have fallen. The weather is turning colder. I didn’t get to go out and shoot like I wished I could have. *sigh* But, there’s always winter!

Go! Shoot!


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