?What IS that?

I was walking up to the door of Dad’s house, and saw what I thought was a leaf on the screen. As I got closer, I figured I’d brush it off, but saw LEGS! Um, what is that???

I took another look, close up, and saw it was a butterfly! I don’t ever recall seeing one of these strange looking creatures, and of course, I had to get a picture!

After taking several shots, I wanted to see what the upper side of the wings looked like, so I barely touched it. It quickly, and I do mean quickly, opened its wings. Just barely long enough for me to see orange.

What appeared to be an oddly shaped, brown, drab leaf turned out to be a Polygonia Interrogationis, or “Question Mark” butterfly. NEAT!



Upper side of the “Question Mark” butterfly. (Wikipedia)

Striking, huh? Nature never ceases to amaze me! Who would have thought “underneath” that drab brown was this brilliant orange?

And, of course, I had to make a layout!


So odd! That shape is what caught my eyes in the first place. I thought, “leaf”, but, also, “oddly shaped leaf”. “WHAT is it? What kind of leaf?” And, now I know!

So, I’ve been busy. Did a brief stint as a temp employee at Principal Financial Group for ManpowerI made it through one week of training, barely. I caught Lloyd’s cold, and Thursday and Friday were very difficult for me. Concentration was spiraling downwards. Throat was sore, head was sore, nose was getting sore. So, I quit. Yep, I’m a quitter. I feel like such a failure, but, I just wasn’t catching on – because of the cold, perhaps? It wasn’t happening, though.

So, it was either a good thing (my thinking preference), or a “punishment” for quitting, but, whatever it is, my truck died about 760 feet from home last night. I turned the corner onto our road, and it just died. No warning. I let it coast a way because I wasn’t sure that it was NOT running. (Remember that cold? My ears are also plugged, so… ) I turned off the CD player, and stepped on the gas a bit. NOTHING! BLAST, BLAST, BLAST!!!

I was on my way home from dropping Lloyd off to pick up HIS truck after it had new tires put on, and the ball joints worked on. It does not rain at our house, it pours! (Yes, I’m venting!) So, is it a good thing that I quit, or, am I being “punished” for quitting??? Seriously, God does NOT work that way, but, sometimes I feel like it. 😉

Okay, off my rant! I’m hoping to be able to get out and capture some of the color before it all leaves (Get it? Leaves! Okay, I’ll quit!). I really need to practice, practice, practice!

Go! Shoot!

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