Beauty – how I see it

I admit it. I am a bit strange. I see beauty in things most others do not. For instance, I think broadleaf (curly) dock is beautiful in the fall, after it has turned dark brown. (I know many farmers who would like to shoot me about now! LOL) I also think creeping Charlie is pretty. (Lloyd thinks I’m absolutely nuts!) I can’t help it! I like some of that “odd stuff”! I also enjoy the fact that I can find beauty where others may not see it. That’s a part of who I am. Can’t handle it? *shrugs* Your problem, not mine! 😉

So, I was out for a shoot for a purpose one day. Trying to find an “abstract” for a monthly contest for the local photo club (did you see that post?), when I spied an every day, ordinary metal field fence post with a weed climbing on it. (Here I go again with weeds!) And, I couldn’t help but to see the beauty in it.

Now, I admit that this may not be the best composition, but, in order to get the post, with the weed, but NOT the distracting house/cars/mailbox background on the left, and the gnarly “weed” tree on the right, I had to shoot from this angle. Still, I like this shot, and, as I’ve said before, I shoot for ME. I shoot what I like, and hope others see that beauty that I see. So, do you see it?


God made this world, along with all the beauty in it. Find that beauty and shoot it! Have fun! SEE!

Go! Shoot!

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