I create and maintain the website for our church, Messiah Lutheran. I’m constantly trying to find material to use on the site. I’d like to “zhoozh” it up. So, yesterday, I was hunting around for something to go into the Bible Studies page, which I had just added so the members can prepare for the classes. The theme for the next six weeks is, “The Unexplained:  Miracles, Mysteries, and More”. So, I figured a nice picture of a “miracle” would be super. After doing some surfing, and making a request to use a proprietary image, I decided I could make my own image. DUH!

So, off to the hunt in my pictures. I have a LOT, btw. I need to do another clean-out, and put most of them to a flash drive. (My poor ‘puter! I’ve filled the 1TB HD once, already, and had to delete a bunch of stuff off it. I now have a 1TB external HD that is almost filled with scrapbooking stuff, and many pictures on a 5TB external. Can you say, “hoarder”??? LOL) Any way…

For a digital photography class in college, I needed a landscape picture. I happened to be driving by a ditch full of pampas grass, and, the sun was setting. Opportunity knocked! With my faithful little Canon PowerShot A710 IS, I got a couple shots of the pampas grass with the sunset behind it. However, none of them really presented the mood I wanted. Sooooo… I took off my polarized sunglasses, lined up a lens over the camera lens, and took a couple shots. Voila! (YES! That DOES work! Give it a try. In a pinch, if you don’t have a polarized lens filter, your polarized sunglasses may give you the same effect!) Don’t you love creativity??? LOL

Now, to make this long story short, I took the best image of the “Pampas Grass Sunset”, and made this for the website.


Granted, the image isn’t as sharp as it could, or should, be, but, I like it nonetheless. To me, it looks like a miracle, and that was my intent for the site. My small inspiration gave me a pretty shot, and now that will be seen on the church website. (Free advertising!)

Hope you enjoyed this little “tutorial”. Go! Shoot!

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