Sorting Hats?

Once again, I found myself being bored in Mendards. We have been in that store almost daily since we started working on Dad’s house. I can stand only so much of it! Seriously, Lloyd can spend HOURS in there!

I usually wander (aimlessly?) around, trying to keep myself entertained, and trying to keep my poor, sore feet happy. On this occasion, I was once again on a “wandering” walk, when I spied these roofing flashings.
sorting hats

Innocuous enough, right? Except, LOOK at them. Remind you of something (hint:  Harry Potter fans…)???

Well, they immediately reminded me of the sorting hat in the Harry Potter movies. And, I couldn’t resist taking shots of them to use on a layout.


The flashing in the layout particularly caught my eye. After I had taken several photos, I stood there looking at them, and pondering… Pondering the layout, and pondering why those pieces of metal were in the shapes they were.

Eventually, Lloyd, and an employee, made their ways into that aisle. I asked the employee what those pieces were. He said they are roofing flashings. Made of lead. And, he said that because they are lead, they are malleable, and people could not resist playing with them. So, the store opted to put them on that top shelf so they would not get further misshapen.

Sorry, that makes me angry! I mean, WHY do people insist on damaging others’ property? If I had been in need of one of those flashings, I would have been very disappointed to not be able to get one in the shape it was intended. And, I can bet that those who “played” with them, should they have been in need of one, would be the FIRST to make a HUGE stink about the shape in which they found those. WHAT is WRONG with people???

Any way, off my rant. So, I find weird things fascinating, and sometimes scrap-worthy. I have a feeling I will enjoy this layout for a long time. It’s just “different”, with a different subject. Odd things. I enjoy shooting them!

Go. Shoot!

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