Wow! It’s been a while since I last posted. We have been busy lately. We bought a house for Dad to move into, but, it needs work. We’ve been tearing things out, and are getting ready to put things in. It’s our own little “money pit”, but, not really. We bought it at a great price, and are considering the renovation costs as the “savings”.

And, last weekend we had to go to a funeral. Sadness.

Then, there is the weather. The heat has been “something else” this month. Add the humidity to it, and it makes for quite some misery. While I know it could be worse (we do live in Iowa), it just saps the energy out of us. We will be putting the window A/C unit in Dad’s house just so we can stand to work in it. (Later on, it will be getting a “split” – A/C/Heat units, which will replace the furnace, and add A/C! Amazing!)

Any way, I have been yearning to take some time out and go shoot. I’ve been settling for shooting whenever I get a small window of opportunity. So, since I am in a Facebook group who posts images of abandoned things, I knew I wanted to capture something along that order.

A few years ago, Lloyd had bought a couple pieces of machinery at an auction. The piece below is one that I “got” to bring home. We hitched it to the truck, and slowly made our way towards home. Emphasis on slowly! That sucker was trying to be all over the road! And, being who I am (read:  chicken!), I was being extra careful and cautious.

We (I) made it about five miles from home, when I had had enough. I flashed my lights at Lloyd (who was hauling a different piece), and got him to pull over. I got out and went to him to tell him that I wanted to NOT DO THIS ANY MORE!!! It was getting dark, and that meant that it was also getting harder for me to see that blasted “mind of its own” piece of precious farm equipment (I do believe I’ve mentioned that I do NOT enjoy farming.), and I was afraid it would make its wayward way into oncoming traffic.

So, we left “it” at a friends’. Just pulled it into their yard, which was conveniently about 50 feet from where I pulled over, backed it up into an out of the way spot, and continued home. I was afraid it would be gone (HURRAY!!! LOL) when we went to pick it up the next day, but, no. The friends figured somebody had good reason for leaving them a nice little surprise, and assumed someone would claim it eventually. (Our rural piece of Iowa is like that! Nice, huh?)

So, we get “it” home. Lloyd finds a “convenient” (riiiiiight) place for it, and we unhitch, pat it on its back, and that was all she wrote. It’s been sitting there since. I think you can tell that by the tree that has so joyously (sarcasm, huh?) grown up right by the tongue. (This fall, when the weather is cooler, I will be taking my saw to that little tree.)

Well, this “precious piece of equipment” became my subject for a submission to the abandoned group. Here are the before and after versions.



I added a vignette, an orange-ish color overlay, then took the opacity of that down, and added just a bit of noise to it. I was aiming for a slight “old time-y” look. Neat, huh?

If you have some photos you’d like to have repaired, retouched, resized, etc., contact me. I do photo restoration.

Go. Shoot!

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