Not sure why, but I’ve been noticing the sky more these days, and am rejoicing in God’s creations! We have had some amazing skies this summer!

Last week, I was blessed with being able to watch a shelf cloud roll in, and over, and past. The play in the clouds was fascinating. A couple weeks prior, we had storm clouds in the distance. The blue, blue sky offset the white, gray, and pink clouds in God’s perfect harmony. I just had to capture it. And, this time I wasn’t disappointed as I so often am… I don’t seem to be able to capture what my eyes, or, is it my brain(?) see. My pictures seem, to me, to turn out “flat”, and ordinary.

But, the following picture is one I do like. I did very little post processing on it. The clean-up for specks was something quick and easy. And, I did some sharpening – I was standing in the back of Lloyd’s pickup in order to get the shot the way I wanted, so I wasn’t all that steady (have I ever said I don’t do heights?), and had a bit of blur.


I also enjoy the look of the clouds over the cornfield and the trees in the distance. Such beautiful contrast!

Of course, I had to scrap this shot. While I normally shy away from such a busy pattern in paper, I think the background of the raindrops works perfectly. I changed the color of the ribbons. They were originally green. And, I changed the colors of the embellishments so they would go with the colors of the rest of the layout. I also changed the color of the butterfly. I then took the opacity of all of those down to just over 60%. Adding drop shadows to those bottom embellishments, including the swirl, made them pop a bit more.

I changed the color of the bird, and added a deeper drop shadow to it. Then, I added the title, choosing a color from the background paper, added an outer glow, and took the opacity down on both.

And, here it is:


Give digi a try! And,,,

Go! Shoot!


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