Removing Background/Adding New

I, once again, amazed myself by getting a nice shot of people! I mean, I prefer to shoot landscapes, buildings, and old machinery. But, at market last Saturday, our friends’ youngest son, and youngest grandson were there, and I couldn’t resist this shot. The grandson had just gotten done eating a cupcake, and had it all over his face, but, isn’t that sort of thing what makes candids great?

Any way, as the background was distracting, I couldn’t resist removing it, and replacing it with something more “their style”.

So, voila! From this:


to this:


Are they not a handsome pair?

Any way, I’m still practicing my restoration skills, and am enjoying it. The trouble is… REMEMBERING! LOL I have horrid recall, but, am planning on working on that. I will be watching the tutorials while working on the exercise files that come with them. Hear, see, do, is my motto!

Hope you enjoy those handsome guys!

Go. Shoot!

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One Response to Removing Background/Adding New

  1. Val says:

    Good job lady!!! I could not begin to do that!!


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