Jeremiah 6:9

Listening to the news these days often makes me sad and angry. I find that I have to make myself find reasons to be happy. So, sometimes, when I’m feeling this way, I will look at pictures that make me feel better.

Scrolling through my own photos, I came across a picture of Lloyd’s hand picking grapes. We had gone to the apple orchards in Wisconsin’s Gays Mills area, and stopped at one that was advertising grapes. Lloyd decided that he wanted to make grape juice, so, we stopped.

At that orchard, they were also having a small tractor show. Tractors were lined up on the verge along the road. (I recently “featured” one of the layouts for that show.) While I was busy shooting the tractors, Lloyd got busy picking grapes. And, that is where I found him, and this shot.


I did a bit of tweaking in Photoshop (have I mentioned how much I LOVE that software?), then added the Bible verse, Jeremiah 6:9. I really like this shot, and have some plans on using it for wine labels.

Any way, Jeremiah 6:9…

As I was working on this photo, it came to mind that I should add a verse about grapes. That lead to a search of Bible verses about grapes. When I found Jeremiah 6:9, it seemed to fit the picture. But, I wanted to be certain it didn’t have some meaning that was not appropriate. When I did a search about the meaning of the verse, it most certainly fit my mood, and the times through which we, as the human race, are going. I won’t tell you – look it up on your own!

Any way, I’m working on tweaking the verse in the photo. I think it needs to be larger, and not look like it was just plunked down onto it. But, since I needed to be somewhere, I called it good (for now), and saved it, and, voila! Here it is!

Go. Shoot!

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