Is Anybody Out There?


What does a “designer” do when she has no work? I dream. I dream of a job I really like, working from home 20-30 hours per week, earning at least $XX/hour. I’ve been focusing my education on photo restoration. Just earned a certificate from, and am looking for more tutorials about restoration.

PhotoRestorationwithPhotoshop_CertificateOfCompletion copy

Photo restoration. I had fun with it in college. One of the first assignments we had was to take a baseball player out of a team photo, and put him into his own photo. We had to add an appropriate background, and manipulate both images so they matched. I must say, I think I did a pretty darn good job!


See the fifth (middle) guy in the back row? He “insisted” on being in his own picture! 😉

So, I obliged.

upkampbaseball I can see that it needs a little work, yet, but, I know I had one of the best images in the class. (Brag, brag!) But, as you can see, a lot of his bottom half was missing in the group photo. I had to create legs and feet from pieces of the other men in the photo. I also had to finish his arms, and add a glove.

All in all, for a first attempt, I think I did a nice job. (Pat, pat)

So, I’m enjoying learning how to restore photos, and am hoping to some day get some (paid) work doing so!

Go. Shoot!


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2 Responses to Is Anybody Out There?

  1. Gabriella B says:

    You are being read! Good luck. I like your buisness card and the photo you restored


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