i got nothing

I’m sitting here, thinking I should post something. Anything. I have nothing.

I haven’t taken any pictures, haven’t created any layouts, paper or digital, and, haven’t done anything exciting this week.

So, what to talk about?

Summer. It’s getting hot out. We were at market Saturday, and there were quite a few people who brought their dogs. Why, I don’t know. While it wasn’t too warm Saturday, the prediction for this Saturday is for the temps to be in the 90s. HOT! And, we are all parked on blacktop, which makes it hotter.

Those poor dogs! Here is a tip – LEAVE YOUR DOGS HOME! If it’s too hot for you to walk barefoot on that blacktop, it’s too hot for the dogs to walk bare-padded on that blacktop. And, don’t leave them in the car, either. It doesn’t take long for any vehicle to get too hot for dogs. Remember, dogs can’t sweat like we humans do. Do us all a favor, and leave them home, PLEASE!

Last week at market, we sold 20 pounds of asparagus. It’s all we had. I had picked the rhubarb too heavily the week before, and it needs a “rest”, so, we didn’t take any. We likely would have had more asparagus, but, it was too far along, and people won’t buy it that way, not that I blame them.

The weather has, once again, not been very cooperative this spring/summer, and all we have in the ground as of this post are onions.

Lloyd tilled again today, and the tiller broke, so, he had to stop sooner than he wanted. A trip into town, getting the new part, took a bit longer than expected, and, since we were in town any way, he decided we should eat.

Ah, well. Maybe tomorrow. We REALLY need to get those plants into the ground. The peppers are blooming, the tomatoes are starting to bloom, and our sidewalk needs to be cleared. All of the plants we bought are sitting on the sidewalk, waiting, waiting, waiting.

It looks like this Saturday, all we will have to offer, again, is asparagus. Well, as far as produce goes. I may have a couple “tricks” up my sleeve.

I need to try to find some more pictures to post. I have to go through them, any way, to find some to put on cards. Last year, I took most of the pictures off my computer, and onto a flash drive. I had bought a 6′ x 6′ album, and printed thumbnails of those pictures I put onto the flash drive, put them into the sleeves, and made a lot of room on my computer. I like that system! Except, somehow, the flash drive has been misplaced. Serves me right, I guess, for trying to be organized!!! LOL

Hope you have an awesome week! Go. Shoot!

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