The Flatirons

Unfortunately, we had to make a trip to Colorado. Lloyd’s brother-in-law passed away, and, of course, we could not NOT go.

We didn’t have much time to do any exploring, but, on Sunday of our long weekend trip, we took some “us” time, and drove to Chautauqua Park Historic District. By accident!

Originally, I just wanted to get closer to the mountains. We were based in Brighton, CO, just north and east of Denver. To my dismay, most of the days we were there were hazy, and, even if it were not hazy where we were, it was hazy in the mountains. So, my dreams of getting really nice shots of those majestic Rockies were not to come true.

I did get some decent shots of the Flatirons, though, even if they do include the haze. I wish I could have explored some more while in Chautauqua Park, but, Lloyd can’t climb, and the altitude was getting to him. I’m thankful for the time I got, though, and the sights I saw. It is absolutely beautiful out there!

Hope you enjoy my pictures!


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