A Laugh and a Half

Have you ever met a Welsh Springer Spaniel? They are different! LOL I’ve had three living with me at various times, and Zest is, by far, the silliest. He is constantly making us laugh, and for that, we are blessed.

Zest does this “thing” with his nose. We call it “pokey nose”. He will go up to stuff, any thing, and nothing in particular, and poke it with his nose. (Once in a while, the object “pokes” back! LMBO!!!) His newest thing is poking the toilet seat in the hall bathroom. We will not see him, but soon, we hear the seat tap down. Let me tell you, it was a bit disconcerting the first few times I heard it.

Zest also does a few “normal” dog things, such as lay on his back, holding his beef ear in his paws, and chewing on it. One of his favorite things to do, though, is to “bury” himself. I often have a throw on my chair, and if I’m not using it, Zest will get it pulled off the chair, and crawl under it. On the night I took these pictures, he just couldn’t get settled. He got under it, circled, laid down, got up, circled, and did that about three times before he finally settled. As timing has it, I had to go to the bathroom, so, put the foot rest down, and Zest jumped up, dragging the throw with him. Of course, I had to get pictures!

Any way, while I like the Welshies, and I adore Zest, I still prefer Labradors. One day, I may have another. In the meantime, you will have to enjoy the pictures I post of the Welshies.


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