Devil’s Tower – the other side

We’ve all seen the iconic photos of Devil’s Tower. However, have you seen photos of the other side? I had not. It seems like most people take photos of the “good” side of the monolith, yet, forget that there is more than “one side of the story”.

In 2013, we went to my husband’s maternal family’s semi-annual family reunion. It was held that year in Montana (a whole other story!). We had planned on doing some sight-seeing on our way home, so, went through Wyoming on our way to South Dakota. As I had never been to Devil’s Tower, that was one place I wanted to stop.

WOW! It is MUCH larger than I had pictured in my head. One doesn’t really get a good sense of how large it really is just by seeing it in pictures, or on a screen. I only wish I had had more time to explore more of it.

I was quite impressed, and was glad that there are more trees in the area than I had thought. It was hot that day, and the shade was appreciated. The drive to and from the tower were quite picturesque. And, I took more pictures of the “other side” than I had expected I would.

Really, the whole thing is quite amazing, and, in my opinion, quite shoot-worthy. I had no idea, for instance, that the tower was shaped as it is. In most pictures, we see the fairly symmetrical “cone”. And, while you see trees on the tower, and, the trees around the base, these trees in the foreground are seldom shot. I just and to capture this scene! Enjoy “the other side”!



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