Fantasy & Dragons

I’m not much into fantasy. Nor dragons. But, this Adobe Photoshop Facebook post made me go “hmmmmm”. So, I bit.

I posted two versions of my creation. I kept trying out different papers, textures, and brushes, until I was satisfied. I also played with opacity and blends. The dragon image, and the quote were given to us by Adobe. The rest of the items I used were from various digital scrapbook kits (freebies!) and brushes from the Internet (also free!). I also used Photoshop CS5, as I refuse to pay the yearly subscription for their products.

I bought CS5 suite when in college for Graphic Media Design. It was far easier to work at home, after getting instructions, than to work distractedly in the classroom. While I seldom use any of the suite but PS, I do enjoy having the other softwares available should I need them. I’m hoping to some day need them for a J O B.

So, here are my creations. dragon1

The top version is with a blue layer with the opacity taken down. I wanted a dark feel for this. I also duplicated the dragon, took the opacity down on both layers, and added an outer glow to the second layer, which has a lesser opacity.

Here is the second version.


This version is made with the blue layer completely hidden, so it bumped up the brown/orange layer behind it. I did this to give it more of a “sunset” feel (the sun being the orange blob).

I couldn’t, and still cannot, decide which I like best, but, I’m happy with both versions. Like I said, I don’t really do fantasy, or dragons…

Happy dreaming!


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