Oh, how I miss my boy. I didn’t have him long enough. Not nearly long enough.

JAG was out of a litter I bred – my one and only. He was out of Skye, Can. Ch. Blakoke’s Northern Tartan, and by Tanner, Am. Can. Ch. Candids Outstanding Evidence, CD, CGC. Tanner was my first heart dog. My first Labrador champion, and, most certainly, a champion of my heart. I didn’t have him long enough, either.

As much as I loved Tanner, JAG was, I hate to say it, even more special. He was with me through the divorce. He was there when I had to have three dogs in one day put down. He was there when Mimic, his litter sister, went missing, and was never found. He was there through five moves in a five year period. He was “just” there. I would take him to work. Thankfully, my employer understood my need to have him close, and our customers, for the most part, enjoyed him. Fortunately, he was there after I was fired by the new manager. I worried more about being able to take care of him, than I did about taking care of myself. He was there when I got Banker, the dog who was to be there when JAG no longer was. And, he was there for the last move, after I remarried. My JAG! Such a very special dog.

There really are no words to explain how much JAG meant to me. I miss him every day. I can go on and on about him. But, I’ll stop before I start crying. I was, and am, very fortunate to have such a blessing!

So, here he is, in one of his “famous” sleep poses. I adore these pictures of him. Such innocence, but, such wisdom.



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