I need a good shoot day

Do you ever just go out and shoot? I have, but, it’s been quite some time ago. I am feeling the urge to do it again. The days have not been very cooperative lately, though.

I don’t mind shooting on cloudy/partly cloudy days, and, most photography tutorials will tell you that shooting on cloudy days is better than shooting on sunny. The thing that is holding me back, though, is wind. (Have I mentioned that I HATE wind? HATE it!) It’s windy in Iowa. Frequently.


There is an eagle nest about two miles from us. It’s in a tree, a short way into a pasture. It’s a nice spot for an eagle nest. I’ve tried multiple times to get good shots of the eagles and eaglets, but, they are too far away for my lens. (Been trying to get husband to let me buy a good zoom lens, but…)

The last time I went to try to capture images of the eagles, I actually trespassed, and walked into the pasture. All in an attempt to get closer. But, to no avail. My lens just couldn’t do it. I work with a Canon EOS Rebel T3 with the kit lens, which is 18-50mm. Not nearly enough to get close enough. I did get some shots of the eagles flying, though, but, still not close enough. *sigh* Some day…

For now, I “settle” for shooting those nature “things” how and when I can. The below image was taken while we were vending at the Clear Lake (Iowa) Farmers Market. At that time, the market was in the parking lot near the police station. On the east side of that lot was a church, and their yard. There was a flower garden there, and, on that day, the butterflies were out in full force. It was too tempting, so, I decided to shoot them, and see what I could come up with. I got two shots that I liked, and scrapped both. (Of course!) This is one of the digital layouts I did.



I like the orange of the butterfly against the violet of the flowers, so, I changed the background of the image to a neutral tone, then, brought back out the violet flowers. (Have I mentioned that I really like Photoshop?) I then added a woodgrain background, and changed the color value to reflect the background I had changed in the image. Then, I added some journaling and the poem. I like! đŸ˜‰

So, back to shooting. Get out there! Practice! Have fun! Most of all, though, shoot what YOU like. It doesn’t matter if your pictures win awards, as long as YOU are happy with them. For me, that has been so freeing. I shoot what I like. And, while I still am trying to improve my camera skills, as long as I get shots that I like to look at, I’m happy.

Go. Shoot!


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