Spring Means Bugs

I don’t care for very many insects (BUGS! They are all BUGS to me! LOL). Yep, I’m afraid of many of them, too. I do, however, like butterflies and moths. The variety of colors and shapes makes them interesting to me. The way they flit and flutter fascinate me. The fact that they help pollinate doesn’t hurt and, either.

Generally, though, I am not at all fond of any insect. They are creepy, crawly, sting, bite, and stink. Not to mention all those blood-sucking things. ICK!

But, I had to take pictures of “the bug”. I believe it was a Katydid. Whatever it was, it was ugly, yet, somewhat “beautiful”. The bright green color was certainly eye-catching.

It stayed on the door for quite some time, allowing me to take several pictures. But, when I went to leave, I was careful to not disturb it, for fear it might decide to hitch a ride. On ME. *shivers* Eek! LOL (Have I mentioned that I’m afraid of bugs?)

Any way, I figured I’d “memorialize” the incident, and, “the bug”.


It actually made for a fun, and cool (of course I have to say that! 😉 ) layout! I generally don’t use bright colors, so, it was a bit of a challenge to come up with colors that would compliment “the bug”. I figured I could tone most of them down, in order to let “it” stand out.

As I was driving out of the lot, I saw that “the bug” was still on the door. I’m sure it was the light from the building that attracted it, and kept it there.

I don’t believe I’ve seen one quite like that, since. I don’t particularly care to, either! ICK!

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