Earth Day

Do you celebrate Earth Day? I guess I never even thought about it. Earth Day, that is. I do, however, frequently think about this beautiful world in which we live. As far as the Earth goes, that is.

It often saddens me to see all the trash along our highways and byways. I can’t think of WHY people believe it’s okay to just toss their junk wherever they please. I don’t get it. We have such a beautiful, and diverse planet, yet people insist on trashing it. It’s beyond me.

Any way, I have a great adoration for the beauty God gave us in this world. My photography reflects that adoration – I so enjoy shooting landscapes! I am constantly on the lookout for unusual views, and different ways of looking at things.

Which leads to the following shots and layout. Our previous pastor and his wife bought an acreage about two miles from us. I had long admired the ditch full of pampas grass along their south border. So, for a digital photography class, I took a shot of that pampas grass while the sun was setting. I had used my polarized sunglasses to help diffuse the sun behind the pampas. My instructor really liked it!

Any way, I wanted to try to recreate that shot, but, with the sunrise behind it. When I got to that patch, I was dismayed to see that the wind had blown off most of the heads. Well, I figured I could try to make the most of it, any way. So, the shot in the layout is the best from that. The first shot, by itself, is of the sunset shot for the class.


Granted this isn’t a great shot, but, I really like the feel of it. And, I like the small purple “sun glare” in the dark area.

And, here is the layout of the sunrise shot.


Quite the contrast, huh? The first was taken with my second digital camera. (I had saved my change for a few years in order to buy that camera!) It was a Canon Powershot 710. Not a bad camera, but, I longed for one that would shoot in RAW format so I could better make adjustments to the images. Please understand, though, that I am not all that interested in making so many changes in Photoshop (CS5 version, because I REFUSE to pay a subscription) that the images are far from what I actually see. I prefer to “keep it real”, so to speak. BUT, because my eyes are not what they used to be (sometimes what I see isn’t what the camera sees), and, I’m not all that great at selecting the proper settings on my camera, I usually make adjustments.

The second shot was taken shortly after I got my Canon Rebel T3. I was (and still am!) learning how to use it. Thank goodness for RAW! The best shot I got was with an automatic setting, but, I want to not rely on shooting in auto all the time. So, I found a good shot where I had chosen the settings, and made a few adjustments so the image would look as I remember seeing it. Voila!

Hope you enjoy this beautiful Earth today, and every day! Please don’t litter!

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