On this day, 1996, Christopher Robin Milne bookseller/son of writer A. A. Milne (Winnie the Pooh), dies at 75.

I loved watching anything Winnie the Pooh when I was a child. I still love Pooh today. It’s kind of funny-strange how sometimes, Pooh just appears randomly, for multiple times within a few days.

The other day, Mom and I were shopping in a local resale shop. After checking out, I happened upon three “FREE” tubs at the end of the checkout counter. Lo, and behold! A Pooh pencil case! This, after I had spent a few hours looking for “just the right” container for my scrapbook essentials case. I wanted something that would hold a pen, pencil, extra ATG tape, and scissors. I found something FREE!!! AFTER buying something I wasn’t really sure I would make it work for the purposes I had in mind.

Oh, happy day! LOL

Any way, as I was searching for a topic for today’s post, I thought I’d try doing a “today in history” search. And, I found the opening statement on Scope Station‘s history page. PERFECT! I have just the layout for it!


The picture and the map are from the Internet. The buttons are from some digital scrapbooking kit I found for free online, as are the staples and the stitching. I had done this page as a challenge for my message board, Scrappin’ Peeps. It’s simple, but, I like how it turned out.

R.I.P. Christopher Robin Milne. Your father made so many of us happy!


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