Saturday morning, and I’m watching Mo Rocca’s The Henry Ford’s Innovation Nation on CBS. It’s very interesting, even though it’s geared more towards the younger set. 😉

Today, they did a short on the Sarah E. Goode’s cabinet bed, and how she was the first African American to receive a patent.

Any way, that lead me to research cabinet beds, which brought me to the site, Digging History.

Cool stuff! Needless to say, it’s been bookmarked in My Favorites bar.

As I type this, they are doing a feature about desks, and hidden features in them. VERY interesting! I adore desks. Something about being organized, I guess. Even though, I’m NOT. But, a desk with all kinds of drawers and slots, and cubbies, would certainly help me be organized. Guess that’s why I bought the roll-top which is currently awaiting “perfect” use in my craft room.

Yesterday, I wrote about my adoration of old buildings. Today is about old machinery. How fascinating! The stuff built today, while utilitarian, is cold and sterile, for the most part. Old machinery had charm, and was decorative. If (DH has big dreams!) we ever get to remodel our kitchen, I will decorate it with some old kitchen appliances. We have an old meat grinder, an old electric percolator, and a couple other machines that are from days gone by.

DH has an appreciation of old tractors. I find some of them quite fascinating, and really like the old Fords. That blue!

Any way, we take a trip to Wisconsin almost every year, to visit the Sunrise Orchards to get apples. One year, we visited a different orchard to get grapes. They were having an antique tractor show, which, of course, made DH all the more happy to make that stop. I, of course, had to take pictures. As I was attending college as a graphic media design student at that time, my digital photography class was requiring me to perfect my photography skills. (HA! I wonder when the perfection will actually happen! I do try, though.)

So, here is the scrapped result of that shoot.


Just a bit on the feminine side, but, not enough to make it too girly. I added a sepia filter to the photos to make them a bit more “old time-y”, and added the embellishments of buttons (for him) and flowers (for me) because I was tired of searching through my thousands of digital supplies (I’m a junkie, what can I say?). Any way, the colors fit, so I didn’t have to do any changing that way.

So, that leads me to ask… Do you like old stuff? Antiques? Retro? Junque?

Have a great Saturday!

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