Old Barns (and other old buildings) PUBLISHED!!!

Last week, I got a letter in the mail, telling me that my bank, First Citizen’s National Bank, published this photo (minus the layout items) in their annual calendar!!! HURRAY for me! LOL This is the second time in just a few months that one of my photos has been chosen for some type of public publication! Exciting stuff for me! (updated 10/18/16)

I like old barns. I like exploring old barns, and dreaming of the stories they would have to tell, if only they could talk. Actually, in my mind, some do talk to me. Only, not with words. They talk by showing me – what they used to be, what they were used for.

I frequently wonder why people let old barns (and other buildings, for that matter) just waste away. If they are “not worth” saving, then why not just tear them down. Or, burn them? Instead, many are left to just rot away, sort of “melting” into the earth on which they have stood for so many years.

Truly, I have a fascination with architecture, particularly old architecture. Back in high school, when we did a short study in architecture, I was more impressed by modern, streamlined buildings, and my drawings reflected that. But, after our city decided to tear down a few blocks of old buildings so a mall (which is now dying) could be put up, it made me sad. To see those old beauties, with their decorative dentils, cornices, columns, etc. disappear was just not right. So began my appreciation for old architecture.

And, then came my adoration for barns, particularly old barns. They hold such a fascination for me. And, I wonder, when they appear to be abandoned, why they are no longer being used.

Any way, I photograph old barns. The photo below is the most recent shot I made. It is down the road from us, and I’ve been waiting for the “perfect” time to get a good shot of it. For me, atmosphere means a lot. And, the day I shot that barn was the right feeling for me to do so.


I waited for the right amount of snow, and the right color in the sky so that red would pop, but, not so much that it would hurt the eyes. I then added the sayings, and a grungy border, and, of course, my logo. As the saying goes, I love this photo!

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