I don’t like concerts much

Don’t get me wrong. I like music. Some. I don’t often listen to music. Not because I don’t like it. See, I have Meniere’s Disease. Or, at least I’ve been told by my otolaryngologist (say that three times fast!). I was never formally diagnosed, as in, I never had the complete testing done. But, he based his diagnosis on my symptoms, and the fact that it apparently runs in my maternal family.

Any way, I am leading somewhere with this! LOL

When DH and I were dating, he took me to the Clay County Fair so we could attend the Trace Adkins concert. It was a good concert, but, it was LOUD. I don’t do loud.

My ears constantly ring. All. The. Time. Generally, I keep the television on so I have background noise to help mask that ringing (ever had tinnitus? UGH!). For me, white noise and music don’t cut it. They just seem to exacerbate that noise in my head. So, television it is. Or, talk radio. Any way… loud noises make the ringing worse. The opening act was okay, as far as noise level. And, Trace’s concert started out “okay”. But, it kept getting louder. And, louder. When the concert ended, it was a real “trip” for me to get off the bleachers. It took a while before I was back to “normal”. And, that was when DH got a taste of what I go through with this “battle”. So, no more concerts for us. Well, not loud ones, any way. We do attend the Christmas concert at NIACC. And, they periodically have military bands in the area, and those usually don’t get very loud, so, we like going to them.

But, I digress…

I forgive you, Trace (well, at least I forgive your sound person đŸ˜‰ ). And, I liked your concert well enough, and your music well enough, to create this:



I love the colors I chose for this layout! The colors in the picture fit right in. It doesn’t hurt that he’s handsome! LOL And, it was so cool to be there when he first introduced his newest song, “Cowboy’s Back In Town“! Keep up the good work, Trace! (But, don’t do it SO loudly! đŸ˜‰ )

That’s all for today!


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