Don’t blow away!

Don’t get me wrong. I like Iowa. But, really, it should be called “Windy State”. Chicago is known as the “Windy City“, and, having been there a few times, I understand why. But, Iowa is WINDY. The whole state. OFTEN.

I HATE wind. I hate being out in it, and I hate the way it sounds. Or, rather, the way it makes things sound. Scientifically, I don’t think wind, in itself, is noisy. But, it creates noise because of friction, falling/rolling objects, object rubbing.

Whatever. I HATE it! LOL Today, we have sustained winds of 31 mph, with gusts up to 55 mph. Let’s just say that I will likely be staying in for most of the day.

Well, enough of that. Onward!

Taxes. Another thing I HATE. (Hmmm, seeing a theme here? Seriously, I trying to have a GOOD day, but…) We had our tax appointment with our tax attorney, but, we have some cleaning up to do, yet. Farming complicates things a bit. At least, though, I don’t have to deal with payroll taxes any more. Nor do I have to send out those pesky W2 and 1099 forms. It’s kind of a pain when the 1099s come back because the recipient has neglected to let you know he or she has moved. Thank goodness it was THEIR problem, and not mine, though! I made every attempt, when I was bookkeeping, to make sure they got where they should go.

Any way, this is leading some where, I promise!

Have I mentioned I HATE taxes? The IRS/government system of taxing its employers (YES, people! Do NOT forget that WE employ THEM!), is so corrupt and convoluted, even some of the IRS agency employees don’t understand it. So, WHY, other than greed and power, is it still in place? There HAS to be a better system. I’ve been following the FairTax on Facebook, and, while it isn’t perfect, it has to be better than our current system. Something along the lines of a Point Of Sale system could work better than the current train wreck we are using. Oiy!

Any thoughts? Comments? Someone help me out here! LOL What would work better?

So, I’m off my rant. Gotta get busy. Do something constructive. Not feeling that today, by any means. Woke up in a grump, I think. I’d really like to scrapbook, but am not really feeling that, either. (How does THAT work???)

Have a great day!

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