Major Photoshop Retouch

I’m an alum of North Iowa Area Community College’s Phi Theta Kappa Honor Society. As I live close to the college, and do not work outside the home, I make myself available to help the society with various functions, mainly in the capacity of the photographer. In 2014, I was asked if I’d like to participate in their cancer child project. Each year, the society is given the name of an area child who has cancer, and whose family is in need of help. They then collect donations and gifts for that child, and the family.

The 2014 child was a three year old girl with a very serious and rare form of cancer, which was discovered shortly before Christmas in 2013. She didn’t get much of a Christmas, nor did the family, as they were frequently taking her for treatments.

Let me tell you, this little girl did NOT seem to be ill in any way! She was quite precocious, and she was funny! As I was shooting pictures, trying to be discreet, she discovered the camera, and started posing. Now, I am not a great photographer by any means, and shooting people is particularly not my forte´. But, I went with it, and found while processing the pictures, that I actually got a decent shot of little “Miss Model”. She had taken a shine to my Santa hat (requested to be worn by the PTK advisor), and took it off my head, and put it on hers. Then, she proceeded to pose. I got the following shot.littlegirl

Look at that adorable smile! But, that background is quite distracting, right? I knew I had something there, and, it would take some work (for me, any way – the pros would probably have thought nothing of it), but, I really wanted to see if I could make something of this.

So, I did some online exploring into how to go about removing the background away from that fuzzy white “fur” on that hat. I found a video tutorial that I could actually follow, and understand. So, about 40 minutes later, I ended up with this.


Not bad, huh? I’m sure it wouldn’t win any prizes, but, I am happy with it, and the family got an 8″x10″ digital copy with which they were thrilled.

I hope that beautiful little girl goes on to live a full, healthy, and wonderful life. And, I hope I can get better at retouching photos in Photoshop. It’s an amazing and fun piece of software! I’d like to offer photo retouching services soon, so keep checking back.


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