It’s a Learning Process

We have one month left on our site server subscription. I’m trying to decide if I should go strictly to WordPress (making it easier to update), or, continue with our current host. I’m taking a WordPress course on (AWESOME site for learning!), and am leaning towards a different hosting site, and using just WordPress to build blogs.

That means, though, that the training I did have in college, using Dreamweaver, could be for naught. Or, is it? Technically, I could still use Dreamweaver for the coding, then copy and paste the coding into WordPress (I think!), and upload that. Hmmmm…

Speaking of college… WHAT is up with the community college dropping its Graphic Design course? I was in the next to last class to graduate from there with that degree. And, I feel cheated. I first started back to college in 2005, but, had to take a withdrawal (life happened). When I was taking classes then, there was an actual class that included mostly coding. Unfortunately, when I started back to college, that class was no longer, and the class that included Dreamweaver did not include much coding. So, I’m trying to learn that, too. So far, it’s not been too tough, but, I’m finding that I’m having a bit of a time learning CSS. (Have I mentioned that I’m blonde? Huh! I’m blonde, AND I have ADD! Yeehaw!)

Let me tell you. This old dog can still learn, but, it doesn’t come easily. Ah, well. Onward!

So, Husband was AWESOME, and let me purchase their offer of a year’s PREMIUM membership, so, I better make good use of it. That means, dear readers, that you would be wonderful if you helped me out, and passed this site on to your friends. (And, even your enemies, if you are so inclined! LOL) Also, don’t forget to check out my “store”, which will be coming soon, I hope.

Well, enough of that. I’m back at, and back to learning. TTYL!

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